Our Story

Doutore was founded by Guilherme Porto and Gustavo Lima as a 100% remote-work company, transforming how Health Professionals organize their work life. It improves access to patient data and helps doctors manage their offices, clinics, and financial life online.

Similar to Glio, we met in a startup accelerator where I was providing them product design tips and assisting with consultancy work.


I've designed Doutore's new brand, improved UI/UX for Web and Mobile applications, and redesigned and coded the new website considering customer acquisition strategies.

New Logo and Color Palette

The new Doutore branding was designed to reflect clean, modern, and light medical environments. It celebrates the fresh start for clinics and offices migrating to the digital world.

Apps Improvements and Website Redesign

The website was redesigned to be a better acquisition channel, providing more information to users and explaining how Doutore can help health professionals.

We did user research to understand the doctors needs and we improved content to better inform about our value propositions and improve SEO.

The apps were redesigned to improve usability and simplify complex tasks like prescribing treatment and writing patients' history.

2018 - Redesign of the mobile app and improvements on tablet/web app flows.
2018 - Website focused on increasing customer acquisition.