Lead Product Designer (2018 - 2020)

Xapo is a 100% remote company that provides a digital banking alternative built on top of Bitcoin. It accepts more than 150 currencies and has the goal to allow people to transfer money around the world in real-time and for free.

As part of a design team of 9 designers, I joined Xapo as a Senior Product Designer and later on, as the team grew, I had the pleasure to become team lead.

Those were my main contributions and responsibilities:

  • Helped PMs define measurable product goals (KPIs)
  • Implemented a new prioritization framework on Design and Product backlogs, being adopted by Product Managers and other teams.
  • Improved design team processes and workflows for faster and better hand-offs to development.
  • Built the UI Kit and Design System and stablished the workflow for the design team to update and maintain the libraries.
  • Defined the setup for A/B tests and the use of quantitative data together with UX Research, defining metrics, funnel tracking and workflow for shipping, tracking and learning.
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