Rafael de Paula


I'm a Product Designer from Rio de Janeiro who loves tech and results. First employee in two important Brazilian companies, designing UI/UX from the MVP to the latest version.

Sieve was sold to B2W, the largest e-commerce group in Brazil and Glio is the first latin-american startup to be accelerated by YCombinator, where I currently work designing entire marketplace platform, developing interface and more than 1000 copy A/B tests to validate ideas and increasing purchases conversion rates by more than 3x.

work principles

Measure Goals and Make Trade-offs

Designing with metrics makes easier to understand how users behave. Using a results-oriented process can help designers to better understand users and to increase the chances of product success. KPI’s, A/B’s and User Tests are some of the tools used to achieve that.

Understand Users

It sounds obvious but when designing for results, the design team can tend to forget the user and focus only on the product/company main metric. User-friendly design, usability and aesthetics need to be balanced with product goals.

Prototype Fast

Creativity needs a platform to communicate ideas to the client/user, that’s why tools like Sketch, Framer, HTML, CSS and Javascript can together enable a MVP prototype that fully works.