Product Designer and 1st employee (2010 - 2013)

Sieve was the first Price Intelligence SaaS in the world, providing real time pricing information to e-commerce retailers, monitoring and crawling every e-commerce relevant data and improving professional decisions through an online analytics platform. Sieve was bought by B2W, the largest e-commerce group in Brazil.

As a Product Designer, I was responsible for UI/UX design, frontend coding and company merchandise. Designed Sieve Analytics web tool for retailers from the ground up and internal tools to help manage the company.

Started on the company as a Python developer but decided to start my career as a Product Designer, designing and coding Sieve first SaaS product.

Sieve Analytics Portal

Analytics platform that provides real time price intelligence for market decisions. Main challenge was to translate machine learning raw data into readable information to users.
Sieve Portal shots.

Sieve Website

The website provides relevant information about available solutions for supplier brands and e-commerce retailers. Home and features pages.

Sieve Concept Website

My last contribution to the company.