The ”620 chair programme” is back! Dieter Rams furniture design.

Galeria de fotos incríveis do Sebastião Salgado

1965 Chevy Impala, one of my favorite cars. Photographed by Thomas Hawk at Half Moon Bay Airport

A Beautiful Typography and Illustration Work


Quek Teng Wan, aka Some-wan, is a designer from Singapure who made this beautiful work with typography and stunning illustrations for Zopim website.

Browse her portfolio 

Rabbit Song - Boy & Bear

Rabbit Song by Boy & Bear on Grooveshark

By far the best song of this awesome band.

A nice infographic on How Google Glass was designed

4 Career Lessons From A Former Design Intern
By Geoff Ledford,

Amateurs and established professionals alike can benefit from the pearls of wisdom Geoff Ledford learned the hard way.

The U.S. armed forces have a prac­tice of for­mal­ly record­ing the stuff they’ve learned in the course of any con­flict. In…

True story.

Sugata Mitra on the future of education with “Build a School in the Cloud”

Golden Jubilee - Boy & Bear

An awesome indie-folk band

Guitar design at a whole new level.  Funny video too. (via Toxel)

Excelente texto debatendo alguns pontos de quando deve-se considerar ou ignorar o uso de design patterns citando ótimas referências.

How Google created their new identity for apps 

Awesome and simple ways to improve your CSS and HTML performance